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Harvey’s Bar & Grill opens at Exit 28 site, eyes growth

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Charlie (left) and Luke

Charlie (left) and Luke

This week we welcome Harvey’s Bar & Grill to Cornelius. The restaurant got its start in the Vermillion Community in Huntersville, probably the toughest location for a restaurant/bar I’ve ever seen -  over the tracks off Exit 23 and way off the beaten path.

The owners of Harvey’s are Luke and Charlie. After they took over from the four previous proprietors, who consistently lost money on the location, they turned it profitable in just a little over a month. How did they do it? As always there is a little magic involved but mostly through plenty of experience in the restaurant business, and an uncanny ability to connect with their customers and adjust according to their requests. Read the full story

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Lucky Dog – bar, dog park … matchmaker?

After months of struggling with permits and plenty of media attention, Lucky Dog Bark and Brew is finally open on Statesville Road in Cornelius, and hosted its grand opening celebration this past weekend. It’s a fairly straightforward – and good – concept: An indoor and outdoor dog park that serves coffee and adult beverages. It also has plenty of TVs for all the sports fans out there looking for a place to entertain both themselves and their doggy companion at the same time. But there may be another reason to visit – particularly for local singles. Let me explain: Read the full story

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As LKN Music Hall’s doors close, others plan to open

Vertigo, Funky Buddha, NV, Synergy, Sidebar, Unleashed, and LKN Music Hall. What do these words have in common? Well, they’re all business names, and they’ve all opened – and closed – in the same Shops on the Green venue within the last 11 years. Yes, LKN Music Hall is the latest casualty, having closed its doors just last week. Read the full story

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The perfect Cornelius stay-cation: Food, friends, freedom!

Last Thursday, Carrie and I handed off the kids to my mom and dad and we’ve been having what we like to refer to as a “stay-cation” ever since. This is the first time that Zoie, our youngest, has left the nest for an extended period of time, so this is the first time in close to seven years that Carrie and I have been child-free for an extended period of time. And we’re making the most of it. Read the full story

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Roxy’s has it right

Roxy’s has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options. (Nate Davis photo)


I recently stumbled across a new place – or rather, a new concept in an existing place. Carrie and I and another couple had reservations at 131 Main, off Statesville Road in Cornelius, but the restaurant was running a bit behind with our table so the hostess suggested that we check out their new place, Roxy’s Coffee & Wine, just 2 doors down from them at 9606 Bailey Road (where Dilworth Coffee used to be). We welcomed the suggestion, walked the 20 steps or so to Roxy’s, and quickly determined that the place has a super cool concept. Coffee AND Wine? Imagine Starbucks and the Corkscrew all rolled up into one, wonderfully inviting beverage shop.
Read the full story

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LKN Summer Soirée is truly something to smile about

Break out your calendars and put a big star on June 21 – not only is it the first official day of summer, it’s also the second annual LKN Summer Soirée!

Hosted by LKNFun and CLTFun, tickets to the all-inclusive event include drinks, food and music, and support a very good cause: my favorite, Little Smiles. I first learned about Little Smiles last year, when some of its volunteers approached me to help promote one of their charity events. The group’s mission is to bring “little smiles” to children in hospitals, hospice and shelters. Those “smiles” take many forms – from toys and games to outings and events – and all are provided by volunteers. In providing those things, the organization helps children escape their everyday pain and allow them to just be kids again, even if it is for only a short period of time. Read the full story

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