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It takes a village: Creatively aging in place

aging in place report cover

The Aging in Place Task Force issued a final report in January 2008, and it was endorsed by the Davidson Town Board. Click to download (PDF).


commentaryIn 2007, Davidson formed the Aging in Place Task Force assess present and future needs of our seniors. After a year, the group submitted its findings and recommendations to the Mayor and Town Board in January 2008 in the Aging in Place Task Force Final Report. Though unable to provide any financial assistance, the Town Board endorsed the report. (See DavidsonNews.net, Jan. 8, 2008, “Aging task force offers a wish list.”)

After the task force’s presentation, it became clear that the work needed to continue. The issues were too important to its current and future seniors. A committee was formed from interested members of the Task Force and continues today as The Davidson Committee on Aging, recognized by the Town of Davidson. One of the measurements of an effective community is its commitment to all. We are pleased that the Town of Davidson has always shown such a commitment and continues to recognize our efforts.

Read the full story

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Valuing our village elders

Jan Blodgett of Davidson offers the latest in a series of articles about issues facing seniors as they try to “age in place.” The series is presented in cooperation with the Davidson Committee on Aging.


commentaryAs a college town, Davidson’s population has always tended to have a younger slant. The census of 1850 showed 88 children under the age of eighteen
, 73 adults between the ages of 18 and 49
 and only 18 adults over age 50. Now, 160 years later, the 2010 census shows a similar breakdown, with 2,580 under the age of 17, 6,145 between 18 and 54, and 2,114 over the age of 55 (with only 941 over the age of 65).

Despite the relatively low numbers, senior citizens have been an important and integral part of the town. Retirement rarely meant ending their social and civic work. Read the full story

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Navigating the joys and stresses of the holiday season


commentaryAre you entering this holiday season with eager anticipation, feeling too busy or tired or even a little blue? As a senior, you have more holiday celebrations to remember, maybe more family members for whom to shop; more stories to share; and more cards to send. Changes in your life this year may also necessitate alternate ways of celebrating. A move to a new apartment or retirement community, the death of a spouse, events in your family (marriage, divorce or relocation) and even health and financial constraints are among the changes that may impact your feelings about the holidays and even your planning ( or not planning) for them. Read the full story

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Remembering Francine Walshin, 1932-2011

Fran Walshin

Fran Walshin

editor's note bugI am sorry to report that our “Young at Heart” columnist Fran Walshin passed away Tuesday at the age of 79. Fran had written for this page since March 2010, shortly after she approached me with a crazy idea: At age 77 she wanted to take up blogging.

Fran was an inspiration, full of energy and optimism. She was an advocate of tackling problems head-on, not avoiding them. And she wasn’t afraid to try new things. Read the full story

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Taking a stand

fran walshin - young at heart bug
For some of us taking a stand is not very difficult. We say what we want to say or we speak up if we are NOT in sync with the situation. We literally take a stand for ourselves and trust that what we have to say is valuable.

Does this sound like you? Or do you have reservations about taking a stand for yourself? Perhaps you let things slide. Or you think it doesn’t matter what you have to say. I won’t make a difference, you think. Or perhaps you are a little reticent to say what you want to say. What will people think? I totally understand that side of the fence. I have been there. Read the full story

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To ‘age in place,’ we need expanded housing options


Bill McCoy

Bill McCoy

Seniors overwhelmingly hope to “age in place.” A few years ago, aging in place usually meant remaining in commentaryone’s existing residence for as long as possible. More recently, the term has come to mean a desire to continue living in one’s community, even though your housing may change. The change in definition recognizes that the housing needs of older adults change over time, particularly relating to size of unit and upkeep required.

This change also is a result of the explosion of housing options that exist for seniors. The private development sector, which has been hard hit by the current housing crisis, has seen and taken advantage of continuing demand from seniors for increased variety in housing options. Read the full story

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